The company Ermicon is specialized in Stainless Steel Constuctions.

Our main field is the Equipment for Food & Drinks Industry, Diaries & Cosmetic Industry.

The company is producing Milk cooling vessels & tanks since the 70's and retain always in stock milk cooling vessels & tanks.

Ermicon is leader in Greece producing Milk Transportation Tanks. We are installing Metering systems on the milk tankers 

            in  collaboration with GEA Diessel. In this field we are offering also Stationary Metering Systems for collecting milk at the diary.

The main advantage of the company is that it is possible to manufacture tanks according to special needs of each customer or product.

Representing in Greece the German leading company in Agitation PRG Präzisions-Rührer, Ermicon is able to offer complete solutions to its customers regarding specialiyed and difficult mixing tanks - processes, by installing PRG agitators.

Ermicon design and performs installations as stainless steel pipe networks, and has a big stock of stainless steel parts and pipes.

The Company is representing in Greece and installing the FRISTAM PUMPEN, stainlesss steel pumps for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Ermicon trades also JABSCO pumps with elastic impellers, installing them mainly into the milk transportation tanks, as well as PACKO Pumps.

Since stainless steel as material is very trendy at tha moment but also has big advantage of no-rust, the application of st-st in architectural fields is becoming more and more demanding. Ermicon undertakes projects for special architectural constructions.